Sunday, February 10, 2013


middle of the mighty Androscoggin
January 2013

"I, Perepol, of lawful age testify and say that the Indian name of the river was Pejepscook from Quabacook, what is now called Merrymeeting Bay, up as far as Amitgonpontook, what the English call Harrises falls, and all the river from Harrises falls up was called Ammoscongon and the largest falls on the river was above Rockamecook about twelve miles, and those falls have got three pitches, and there is no other falls on the river like them and the Indians used to catch the most Salmon at the foot of them falls, and the Indians used to say when they went down the river from Rockamecook and when they got down over the falls by Harrises they say now come Pejepscook."
-- Pierre Paul (Perepol) 28.Feb.1789



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Marti said...

Nice research on Pierre. I never knew that.