Monday, November 9, 2009

Pine Mtn'ing

Pine Mountain BBQ & Adventure
Fall 2009

A quick frolic in the pines before snow sets in and the road is closed for another season. Wait, did I really say we were frolicking? Yah okay there was some frolicking but in my defense it was only after the frog licking...

Sunset from Reyes Peak.

Here is a great idea-- totally alone in the woods w/ freezing temperatures and 18 hours of darkness between sunrise and sun up, lets read a horrifying novel about a cannibal from Lithuania who hunts unassuming prey in the dark woods, and who while his victim remains conscious, eats their brains while reading poetry. In hind sight, a brilliant idea. I didn't sleep a wink in days. Did I mention I was perfectly alone...?

Hannibal the Cannibal or not, nothing would stop Tessie from snuggling in and snoring the night away.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Working on the book, (or trying anyhow).
Bed Cave, Ventura, Calif.
Fall 2009

All the tools a burgeoning writer needs-- 5 Hour Energy shot, jog o' wine (red of course, no self-respecting author drinks that white crap, or heaven forbid rosé!), iPod, and a stack of research books.

Distraction (see also, Often).