Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dry Lakes

Dry Lakes (Again)
Dry Lakes Ridge Botanical Area
Ojai, Calif.
March 2011

1300 feet elevation gained in 0.8mi and 2500 feet gained overall in 4 miles looks significantly easier on paper. I'm a glutton for punishment, though I believe if I wasn't such a glutton it wouldn't be nearly as punishing.

First Lake.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Topa Topa
Ojai, Calif
March 2011

Pink Period.


Anacapa Island, CINP
Viewed from top of Sulpher Mtn.
Ojai, Calif.
March 2011


Been Cooking

Been Cooking
Kitchen, Le Hermitage
Feb. 2011

Cool thing #12 about being unemployed; making a mess in the kitchen! When I was working it was rare I would ever spend more then a few minutes preparing dinner in the evening. More often then not after a long stressful day in the office I would come home, boil up some pasta, add a sausage or two and call it good. Sometimes I would skip dinner all together for a beer and a smoke and an early night hitting the hay. Getting creative in the kitchen was quite rare.

Now wasting a few hours to toss together some lunch in the afternoon is a joy. Rolling up the sleeves and trying new recipes and experimenting all evening long for a crazy dinner is something I look forward to. I've been whipping up all sorts of different lasagnas, homemade ravioli, chinese pies, all sorts of new stir fries w/ different Thai sauces, coq au vin, the list goes on and on. So far everything has been quite delectable (knock on wood!).

Pan Seared Peppered Ahi w/ Rosemary & Garlic Pommes Frites, garnished w/ En Salade Herbes FraƮches.

Spam Musubi.