Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Day

Christmas Eve Day
VTA River Mouth
Ventura, Calif.
December 2009

Ahhhh the holidays in Ventuckey, hard to argue with a day with temps in the high 70s down at the beach where the toughest decision is whether to apply SPF 20 or 40. File under Christmas; Merry.

Reds; broken or otherwise.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Music; Red Rocks

BLM Campground, Red Rocks, NV.
December 2009

Nothing like a little impromptu dawn freeform jam session muzak to get the blood pumping. Its really the best to get in the mind set to go climb a rock.

Sunrise over the loop.

Jam, it goes well with toast.



Damn hippies.

Kraft Mountain; Red Rocks

Kraft Boulders
Red Rock Canyon, NV
December 2009

Tony, The Pearl, V4 Hard.

Golden Hour comes to Red Rocks.


Garrett, Cali Boy, V7, multiple stars.

Sabena pulls.

Cannibal Rock; Red Rocks

Cannibal Rock
Red Rock Canyon, NV
December 2009

Just outside the Vegas Strip lies a wonderland of painted canyons and brushed sandstone.

Calico Hills.

Elbows of Mac and Ronnie, 11a.


Sabena, New Wave Hookers, 12c.

Bobby, second bolt.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A Few Weeks Shy of a White Christmas.
Somewhere in SoCal, December-ish 2009

Believe it or not, Southern California is not always palm trees, bikinis, and beach bums. Every once in a while for a few very short days it does snow. While others were surfing the epic winter swell that blew in from the South Pacific, Tessie and I drove up into the mountains for a day of play in the white stuff. Good times were had.

18 inches.

Before and After : Winter and Summer.



Someone didn't get the memo its winter time now.

Frozen in time.