Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Fosters Park
circa summer 2008

Where zombies come from.


Scars & Bars.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Ventura, Calif.
June 2010

I haven't been photoging much lately. Instead I have really been focused on editing this homeless doc and working on the book. Every now and again I will pack up the dog and go for a walk to stretch the legs. More often then not I am in no hurry to make it back home and start editing again. Lately I have spent more and more time sitting on a rock down at the beach or on a log in a mountain meadow and writing short stories or poems. I have a little notebook that I've carried for many years. Its the perfect size to pull out whenever the spirit moves you. Needless to say its been through a lot.

I wanted to be an A-lister,
wanted to walk the red carpet,
be chased by papparazzi
be #49 on People's most beautiful list.
Bottle of wine, climb the hollywood sign
slipping the breeze & watch the sun set.

Torquoise water wash over me,
surfing sliding riding gliding.
Daydreaming by the blue blue sea,
wasting away as i sing you this song.
Santa Barbara summertime
Santa Barbara summertime.