Monday, August 8, 2011


Out and About, California
July 2011

Cool thing #33 about being unemployed; the dog days of summer = pure bliss. Don't get me wrong, the dog days of summer are always a simple pleasure that is pretty easy to indulge in regardless of circumstances. However when you're living on the dole the long summer days can quite easily pick up your soul and recharge the batteries. Swimming holes, afternoon thunderstorms, sipping lemonade, Sox games on the radio, stick ball in the street, riding bikes, long walks, super late sunsets, its all good.

Swimming Hole.


Channel Island Afternoon.

Oil Piers.


Chorro Grande
Los Padres Nat'l Forest
July 2011

Hot. That pretty much sums it up, HOT. 3000 feet of elevation gained in 4.something miles. Hot. Temps in the 80s with little spots of shade here and there. Hot. The sun blasting down on you as you hump up and up and up. Hot. Most the mountain springs and streams dried for the year. Hot. Noontime hot. Chorro Grande hot.

This way.

Chorro Spring, 1 mile left.