Sunday, July 25, 2010


Enlightenment Ridge
Pine Mtn., Calif.
July 2010

Sparky came down from the Castro for a weekend of climbing; The Mouth, The Crack, Melee Roof, Wedgie Roof, Panic in the Sheets, Painted Carnival, Orange, Happy Hunting Grounds, Dissing Euros, Dirtbagger, Happy Hunting Grounds, Skydiver, Carp Sewers, Traverse, top out yah right, traverse, traverse, traverse.


Pine Foot.

Full Moon.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Oxnard Shores, Calif.
July 2010

Up so high
all alone
soaring above
wings a lite
cool summer breeze
tickles your feathers
and go and go and go
soaring weightless, worryless



Oxnard Shores
Oxnard, Calif.
July 2010

From Pitas' rocky point to C Street
where the Chumash used to play
And old lady Rincon
bathed in a dewey robe of gray.

South swell on the morrow.
When the winter sun is on the rise
there'll be corduroy to the horizon
dancing before our eyes.

Watching the surf roll in, I turned around and snapped this.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Carp Sewers
Summerland, Calif.
July 2010


Sunday, July 18, 2010


Santa Barbara French Festival

Oak Park, Santa Barbara, Calif.
July 2010

Le Roi.

Lavande Fraiche.

Le French

Le French
Santa Barbara French Festival
Oak Park, Santa Barbara, Calif.
July 2010

Sous un ciel ensoleillé, une famille fait un piquenique dans un parc. Des jeunes amoureux boivent du vin dans l'ombre de la Tour Eiffel. Des artistes, bérets sur la tête, travaillent à leurs peintures. C'est Paris sans doute, n'est-ce pas?

Mais non! En realité, c'est la Fête Française de Santa Barbara.

La Reine.




Tiger Lilies

Tiger Lilies
West Camino Cielo
Santa Barbara, Calif.
July 2010

Lilium Columbianum.


Monday, July 12, 2010


Lizard's Mouth, Santa Barbara, Calif.
July 5th, 2010

After four days fighting against the rain and wet and fog up all over the mountains, trying to climb but not having much luck, and dodging douche bag July 4th vacationers, the sun finally came out for a little bit.

Say no to crack bubba, pull your pants up.



Sunday, July 11, 2010


Carp Sewers
Carpenteria, Calif.
July 3rd, 2010

Its California, more or less Southern CA for arguments sake. Geographically & culturally I suppose that that could be dabated. Though admittedly we have enough fake boobs, spray on tans, former child actors, 300 days of surf, and enough broken dreams in Ventuckey to qualify as SoCal. Anyhow I digress, its California, SoCal really. And we all know it doesn't rain much in SoCal. In fact it rains even less in the middle of a 7 year drought in SoCal. Which is what we are in the middle of, except of course that the 7 year drought has so far last 12 dusty miserable years.

The rain we do get is traditionally quick and painless and falls from Christmas through Valentine's Day. Lately though we have gotten considerably more of the liquid sunshine then in decades past. It was a miserable winter rain wise. It felt like it never stopped. Thankfully its summer now; 4th of July coming up, burgers & BBQs on the beach, climbing and flat water surfing for the foreseeable surfing. Sunny and 75 until Halloween. I couldn't wait.

So imagine my surprise when I hike out to my favorite climbing spot and discover it to be just a tad damp. So much for summer...




Marine Layer

Marine Layer
Rt. 154 Santa Barbara, Calif.
July 4th, 2010

Summer, whats that? June gloom started in March and hasn't dropped any hints about letting up yet.

Curves in the road...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Julie Marie
VTA Harbour
VTA, Calif.

Living the dream.


Julie pushed the button.